Hemlock Springs Wedding at the Red River Gorge, KY

April 27, 2020

This was a gorgeous fall wedding at Hemlock Springs in the Red River Gorge. To get to Hemlock Springs, you drive down an old country road lined with ever greens that dead ends into a large blue barn. The estate is impressive. Hemlock Springs has a very large, very well lit barn equipped with its own bridal and groom suite staffed by five people and on-site coordinator for the wedding. The bridal suite is the most beautiful on-site suite I’ve ever seen. With mirrors lining the walls, make up stations for four, and natural light streaming in, you can’t help but look amazing.

Jess and Josh decorated the barn with old photos of their childhood. Each table had strings of photographs lined that showed each of them at similar stages of their lives. Guests were able to see their love stories unfold as their paths began to cross later in life.

Personally, I did not know the bride because this was taken second shooting with Scarlett Michele Photography. The day though went something like this. We arrived to find the girls finishing getting ready. They were all smiles and giggles as they helped Jess get into her dress. And as a true reveal, no one had see her dress until it was unveiled in the bridal suite. There was genuine oohs and ahhhs over the classy simple and timeless gown. It really was a dress that flattered her in every way possible.

After getting ready, we made our way down to small wooded clearing for the first look, bride and groom portraits, and wedding party photos. Jess and Josh had a tender moment together in the woods and then were joined by their loved ones. We made our way to the ceremony site directly from the wooded area. During the ceremony, each member of their wedding party put an item into their memory box. This was the most unique and touching ceremony I’d ever witnessed. Some personal stories, some intimate which all helped to paint a story for the audience.

After their ceremony, the group headed back to the barn for the reception. Jess and Josh are total Office fans, so their reception had office trivia and a juggle off. They ended the night dancing and hugging their loved ones. It was truly a fun and off the beaten path type wedding. A couple that incorporated so much of themselves into their day.

Venue: Hemlock Springs

Florals: Florals by Vicky at Positive Attraction Soaps | Venue: Hemlock Springs | Planner: Hummingbird Page Event Co.



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